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SPD Automotive Ltd

SPD Automotive Ltd

SPD Automotive Ltd, quality importers of alloy wheels and performance parts accessories for the aftermarket tuning industry. We are a major developer of performance enhancing parts such as inlet and exhaust manifolds, exhaust systems, suspension component car parts for aftermarket industry.

We also specialise the re manufacture of obsolete car parts for the classic Austin & Morris Mini motor industry as well as other classic cars for our clients some of which have been with us since 1982.

We have our own office in Taiwan that can source or procure moulds, prototyping, developing and a host of other services that can become a real head ache for smaller business's, we pride ourselves on getting you the right people involved.

SPD Automotive Ltd can bulk purchase and warehouse your products for drop shipping to your customers efficiently and cost effectively, all you need is a home computer and you're up a trading before you need to take that bigger step when you're ready to move onto the next level.